Seahawks Continue To Feed Off Of Doubters


The loss to the San Diego Chargers was the best thing that could have happened to the Seahawks.  The last thing they needed was a long four or five game winning streak to start off the year.

Have you noticed that even after the dramatic win over the Denver Broncos that NFL pundits have been saying similar things about Seattle that they were last year?  They are constantly saying they are a mediocre road team, and that they need CenturyLink Field to bolster their record.  Sure, the Seahawks clearly have an amazing home field advantage, but how much credit can we as fans really take?  Thanks football critics, but on behalf of every 12 across the nation, I gratefully bow to you.  It’s the constant doubt and criticism that fuels the reigning Super Bowl champs.

All it took was one loss to a very good Chargers team early in the year to get the nay-sayers fired up again.  The secondary got exposed.  Richard Sherman allowed easy receptions.  Percy Harvin was a non-factor.  How quickly people forget.  After the game, Earl Thomas spoke on the performance of the team, saying that they lost some of their edge after winning the Super Bowl.  That’s a little scary, considering Philip Rivers had to play the game of his life just to squeeze out a regular season home win against the Seahawks.  Then the following week, Denver got handled throughout the first half, but stormed back only to be eventually bested by a spectacular Russell Wilson led drive in overtime.  At this point it’s safe to say that Seattle has their edge back, but now we await Monday night, where they will take on Washington.  Is that edge still rough, or will it be finely polished?

Seattle has played in two nail biters, and one fairly close game already this year.  Expect to see them fired up and looking to blow out this Washington team.  Four close game in a row?  Not likely, not for this team.

The receivers are the group to watch.  There are multiple reasons to believe that Harvin will seriously increase his receiving yards, and Doug Baldwin will find the end zone at least once.  Seattle will be playing with a big chip on their shoulders again, and we can all thank the analysts and critics for their hand in molding an angry power-house in the north-west.