Seattle Seahawks Defense Will Dominate Washington Redskins


Washington QB Kirk Cousins is likely the most petrified QB in the country this week now that the Seattle Seahawks are coming. After his putrid performance against a suspect NY Giants defense, you can absolutely believe that the Seahawks are chomping at the bit to have their way with Cousins when they visit Washington on Monday, October 6.

Four interceptions and a lost fumble.  A stat line like that is shocking for any QB, even a back-up.  Washington has had their struggles on both sides of the ball this year.  A team that many people predicted would be elite offensively are pedestrian at best.

The loss of Robert Griffin III certainly didn’t help their current state, but even after he went down, there was great optimism about Kirk Cousins taking the reigns.  In fact, there was even a debate as to whether or not he would steal the starting job from RGIII.  After Cousins’ last performance, there should be no question as to who the starting QB in the nation’s capitol is anymore.

I’m excited for this game against Washington.  Ignore the statistics, the numbers, and the team strategies.  Just look at the big picture here.

Cousins doesn’t do well under pressure.  The Seahawks have one of the best pass rushes in the NFL.  A good pass rush creates pressure, pressure creates mistakes, and mistakes result in interceptions.

Granted, Washington will be hosting the Seahawks during prime-time, so they will have a slight boost from that emotionally.  On top of that, Cousins will be looking to come out swinging after embarrassing himself against the Giants.

Despite this, there is no reason to believe that the Seahawks will allow any sort of upset.  They bested Peyton Manning, denied Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers had to put on the performance of his life just to lift the Chargers over the ‘Hawks in a very closely contested game.  This is the first game of the year for Seattle to really dominate defensively, and they are excited about doing it.

I’m predicting a dominating performance by the “Legion Of Boom,” and much of the same from Wilson and company.  At least one INT for Richard Sherman, and three sacks.  Watch it happen.