Seattle Mariners Playoff Chances: A Very Slim Hope


The Seattle Mariners can still make the playoffs. At this point, the scenarios are fairly straightforward. However, the statistical chance is fairly low. The current ESPN standings give the Mariners a 2.4% chance of making the postseason. Yesterday it was 0.1%, so we’re making progress!

Of course, statistics mean nothing, right? Computers can’t account for the sheer will of a team to win. For inspiration, we must turn to the fine film, Dumb and Dumber:

Yes fans, there is a chance. At least, there is a chance right now. As in, today.

Tomorrow, the story might be a little different.

There are three games to go. The Mariners are two games behind the Oakland A’s for the second Wild Card spot. Technically the Mariners could still catch the Kansas City Royals (three games ahead of Seattle), but let’s focus on the nearest opponent.

If the Mariners win three and the A’s lose three, all is well in the Emerald City. This is an unlikely scenario, but not impossible. Granted, the Mariners will be at home, where they are not good this season. Their opponent will be the Los Angeles Angels, who have the best record in all of baseball.

The Mariners are 38-40 at home and the Angels are 46-32 on the road. Not a good scenario.

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Meanwhile, the A’s will be facing the dreadful Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington. In this case, Seattle fans can still have hope because the A’s have been spiraling out of control in the second half of the season. Getting swept by the Rangers is not out of the realm of possibility.

There are other combinations that would result in the A’s and Mariners finishing with the same record. In addition, there remains an unlikely possibility that the A’s, Mariners and Royals could all finish in a three-way tie.

If that happens, the combinations get a little strange, but we aren’t there yet. Assuming such a scenario were to unfold, it would be a good problem to have.

The bottom line remains simple. The Mariners must win their final three games against the mighty Los Angeles Angels. In addition, fans will need to root for the Rangers and Chicago White Sox.

Seattle still has a slim chance of making the playoffs. Slim.