The Total Collapse of the 2014 Seattle Mariners


In recent days, the Seattle Mariners have been unwatchable. Truly, unwatchable.

This has been a collapse of epic proportions, and something that the fans did not expect. If the Seattle Mariners were going to miss the playoffs, it would going to happen a different way.

Close, low-scoring losses would have made sense. If Felix Hernandez had lost yesterday by a score of 2-1, we would not have been shocked. After all, the offense has gone on vacation at inopportune times throughout the season.

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Instead, the Mariners have been crushed over the last four games. Pounded. Destroyed. Annihilated. Go ahead and pick your favorite word, but the bottom line is that it has not been pretty. I guess the Toronto Blue Jays are getting their revenge after the Mariners swept them at Safeco Field in August. In that series, the M’s outscored the Jays 19-4.

How the tables have turned.

The Mariners are now 5-11 in their last 16 games. Remember when the M’s won five in a row at the beginning of September? Neither do I.

In the last four games, the Mariners have been outscored 42-10. Ugly. How in the world does that happen? Suddenly the dynamic pitching staff of the Mariners has started throwing batting practice.

Ultimately, this is our own fault, again. We got our hopes up. We believed that Jack Zduriencik’s master plan was finally working after all these years. Instead, the Mariners are on the brink of elimination, Jack Z got an extension, and the Mariners may again try to surround Robinson Cano with cheap castoffs in 2015.

You want to stay upbeat, but probability tends to trump hope. There is still a chance for the M’s to rally, but not a good one.