Seattle Mariners Poll: Will This Team Make the Playoffs?


If the season ended today, the Seattle Mariners would not make the playoffs. Tomorrow, that might have changed. The day after that, it could change again.

The playoff picture for the Mariners changes more than the attitude of a moody teenager. One day everything is fine and the future is looking very bright. The next day Eeyore has arrived and everything is dreadful.

How are you feeling, Mariners fans? Still got some confidence left? Or are you jaded after many years of failure by a franchise that shone so brightly in the mid-1990s?

Truthfully, fan confidence is probably shifting as quickly as the standings. One minute the M’s are in control of their own destiny and the next minute they need everyone else to lose if they are going to have a chance.

What’s a fan to do? Stay loyal? Or accept the inevitable now before it becomes too painful?

So, we are again in polling territory, and it is time to gauge the mood of the people. Will the Mariners pull it out and make a magical run in the playoffs? Or will this be a slow, painful last couple of weeks as we watch the Mariners slip away (again)?

Please answer our poll and let us know why you made your selection in the comments section.