Seattle Mariners Do Not Deserve a Playoff Spot


The Seattle Mariners can still make the 2014 MLB playoffs. If they do, it will be by the narrowest of margins.

A real sports fan roots for their team, but is also objective about their favorite franchise. That said, the Seattle Mariners do not deserve a playoff spot.

Too harsh? Perhaps. However, look at how this team has performed throughout the season. When you have the opportunity to improve your playoff position, are facing a struggling Oakland A’s team, and can send Felix Hernandez to the mound in the series, what do you do?

You win the series, of course. Did the Mariners win the series?

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Of course not. The mighty M’s lost two of three games, scoring a grand total of…wait for it…six runs! Woo-hoo!

Now, I don’t put all the blame on the team itself. I’m sure that these guys would like to win.

Some of the criticism has to fall on the front office. Honestly, it is still hard to understand how Jack Zduriencik got an extension. Has he really built a sustained winner? Not quite.

If the Mariners don’t go out and overpay for Robinson Cano in the offseason, we aren’t even talking about the playoffs. The Mariners are still rolling out lineups that include Justin Smoak (.201, -0.3 WAR) and Corey Hart (.197, -0.4 WAR).

Seriously, what does Lloyd McClendon see in these guys? I’m sure they are nice individuals, but are they really the best options for the M’s? At this point, maybe they are. Thank you, ownership group.

Can the Mariners still make the playoffs? Sure. After all, they are going out on the road! In most sports scenarios, a long road trip at the end of the season would be seen as a negative situation.

Not for the Mariners. Seattle is 38-40 at Safeco Field and 42-28 on the road. When you figure that one out, let me know. For the Mariners, home cooking is apparently a serving of cold, stale and inedible Rally Fries.


Keep the faith, fans. Maybe the Mariners get hot in the last couple of weeks. Maybe they make the playoffs. Maybe the pitching propels them on a magical run.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

If this team makes the playoffs, the faithful fans will celebrate. However, the objective fan has to admit that this team is not playing like a playoff contender.