Seattle Mariners News: Gut Check Time


Well, what is it going to be, Seattle Mariners? Do you want to make the playoffs, or don’t you?

17 games to go. Just 17 contests left in a long, marathon-like season of 162 games. The baseball season can feel incredibly long, and there can be so much disappointment when a team comes so close.

And yet, is so far.

It is just really hard to get a read on this team. The mighty M’s have beaten a lot of teams this year that are better than them. Then, they come home and have an opportunity to put themselves into a great position to make the playoffs.

What do they do? They drop two of three from the now 65-81 Houston Astros. Fail, fail, epic fail. By the way, the Disastros are 30-42 on the road.

Nice work, Mariners.

What is the deal with Safeco Field this season? Why are the Mariners so afraid to win at home? How is it that a team that is pitching-oriented, can’t win in a so-called pitchers park?

Seattle is 37-38 at home this season. Meanwhile, they have one of the best road records in all of baseball at 42-28. Can someone please explain that to me?

It’s gut check time, Mariners. Do you want to make the playoffs, or don’t you? Based on attendance this season, this city does not believe in you. Are you going to take that, or are you going to prove everyone (including the fans in the Emerald City) wrong?

The Oakland A’s are coming to town starting Friday. If the Mariners could miraculously come up with a sweep, it would go a long way towards securing a playoff spot.

James Paxton, Felix Hernandez and Chris Young are set to pitch against the struggling A’s. Not a bad set of hurlers, given that they have a combined record of 31-14.

Still, it is hard to feel particularly confident about this Mariners team. The starters should probably be fine, and the bullpen will most likely remain stingy. However, will this be one of those sets where the Mariners score four runs in three games?

Oh, the agony.

One last gasp, Mariners. There has to be something that can spur this franchise back to respectability. A gut check. Maybe a pep talk. Perhaps a closed-door meeting. Something.

This season could be special, M’s. Don’t let it slip away.