Russell Wilson Is Playing At An Elite Level


Preseason games are usually taken pretty lightly, but there is still something to be said about how elite Russell Wilson has looked these last few weeks.  He may not be the best fantasy draft choice, but please believe the Seahawks are thanking their lucky stars that they picked him up.

He has totaled 360 passing yards, completed an astounding 30 of 39 passes, and has not thrown a single interception in his 3 preseason appearances.  He doesn’t really seem to mind not having Golden Tate on the roster any more, as he has been able to spread the ball to a variety of receivers, including his tail backs and TE’s.  When he can’t find anyone down field, he does what he does better than any other QB in the league, and that is tuck the ball and run for positive yards.

Even his scrambling ability has gotten noticeably better.  He keeps the ball ready to launch with his eyes down field until he knows he has crossed the line of scrimmage, at which point he turns into a running back almost instantaneously.  Watching him play right now is like watching a surgeon at work.  What he does is clearly difficult, but he makes it appear so easy that you can’t help but wonder if the defense even cares he is picking them apart.

With Wilson under center, Marshawn Lynch in the backfield, and a new and improved receiving core led by Percy Harvin, these Seattle Seahawks look, dare I say it, better than they did a season ago.  Expect this to be Wilson’s most productive season so far, and for Seattle’s offense to rank in the NFL’s top 10.  It’s exciting to watch this young QB grow into what John Schneider and Pete Carroll had seen in him from the beginning.  He is much more than just a game manager.  He is a game changer.