Seattle Seahawks Show They Are Ready But….

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A couple of good omens

The Seahawks have really controlled their penalties. During the time that the first team has been on the field over the last two games there have only been two penalties assessed and the call against Justin Britt yesterday was very questionable.

Also, there have been nary a defensive holding or pass interference called. With this being a point of emphasis and with so many people claiming it was put into place because of the Seahawks secondary wouldn’t we expect to see a few more of these called? So good on you Seattle.

The depth at the defensive line is impressive. The Seahawks have the known commodities of Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and Brandon Mebane, but O’Brien Schofield and Cassius Marsh have really proven they belong.

Schofield and Marsh both had sacks yesterday and when they weren’t sacking the quarterback they were making his life utterly miserable with their pressure. So a huge shout out to the NY Giants for not realizing what they had in front of them in Schofield.

And in other news: Steven Hauschka proves he is human by missing a 53-yard field goal.

Apart from these items the Seahawks look ready for the season. They look dominant. They look to be in mid-season form. They look fast. They sound confident. They look hungry. They look focused. They look determined….to win Super-Bowl 49. Go Hawks!