The Toughest Games on the 2014 Seattle Seahawks Schedule


We are a society that anticipates future dates on the calendar. Parties and holidays generate excitement, while trips to the dentist are dreaded.

When it comes to sports, certain dates can get circled on the calendar. For a team like the Seattle Seahawks, this may be for a variety of reasons.

Fans are going to be excited about games that are in prime time, or against certain opponents. The fact that the Seahawks will play on Thanksgiving this year will be a unique and special opportunity to see the ‘Hawks on a national stage.

Of course, games against big opponents can generate mixed feelings. On the one hand there is the possibility of a fun and exciting game. Unfortunately, there is also the possibility of a crushing loss.

This will be a difficult schedule for the Seahawks, particularly as it pertains to divisional foes. But which game will be the toughest of the year? Here are a couple of candidates:

Week 13 (November 27) : At the San Francisco 49ers

This may be the biggest game of the season prior to the playoffs. The Seahawks will need to play against the hated ‘Niners on Turkey Day in front of a huge audience. Pressure? Not necessarily, but San Francisco fans would love to win a late-season game in their own stadium and set the tone for the playoffs.

Week 16 (December 21): At the Arizona Cardinals

If the all-knowing analysts are correct, the Cards could be a handful this season. Depending on how the season unfolds, the Seahawks may be in a position where they need to go on the road in Week 16 and win in order to make the playoffs or clinch their seed.

Week 17 (December 28): Home against the St. Louis Rams

A tough game at home? Yes. This game could have the same challenge as the week before, particularly if the ‘Hawks are in a position to solidify homefield advantage for the playoffs. The Rams defense gave the ‘Hawks some problems in 2013, so it will be interesting to see whether that D has gotten even better in 2014.

Then there are a few honorable mentions:

Week 3 (September 21): Home against the Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning and company looking for revenge.

Week 8 (October 26): At the Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton at home could be a difficult challenge.

Enjoy the season!