Russell Wilson And The Seahawks Offense Look Elite


Generally during the preseason, I try not to get too excited about much of what I witness.  Of course throughout training camp, nothing but positive reports leave the coaches mouths, getting every fan of every team hopeful that this just might be their year.

The bottom line is that the summer is a time where you take everything you hear with a grain of salt.  Russell Wilson, however, challenged myself and anyone else who feels a similar way to take notice of him and the new passing game, which looked absolutely lethal against the San Diego Chargers.

There were five rushing TD’s scored in the second preseason game when Seattle hosted San Diego.  Of those five, four of them were done by QB’s, two from Russell Wilson.  He put on display his new found poise as he made decisive, accurate throws, and tucking the ball only when he had to.  The offensive line looks much better as well, as Wilson had plenty of time on most of his throws to check his receivers, and finally deliver a strike.

One play stood out to me more than any other.

It was in the second quarter, Wilson made his three-step drop, paused, sensed pressure from his blind-side and rolled away from it.  In his rookie year he might have tucked the ball into his body and ran.  Last year, he may have danced a bit in the backfield, pointing to where he wanted his receivers to move.

On this play, after he avoided the sack, he made eye contact with Doug Baldwin, who changed his route, got himself open, and Wilson calmly floated him a beautifully thrown ball in the back of the end zone.  Unfortunately, after taking a shot that pushed him out of bounds, Baldwin was unable to retain possession in-bounds so the touchdown didn’t count, but it just showed how much better this passing game has gotten over the summer.

Russell Wilson exited the game after going 11-for-13 and racking up 121 passing yards and two TD’s with his legs.  Terrell Pryor came in and didn’t miss a beat, as he made a 44-yard TD run himself.  The result of the great play from the Seahawks was a 41-14 beating of the Chargers.

Keep in mind, this is only the preseason.  That does not take away, however, how fluid this offense looks.  After witnessing this game, it’s safe to say that Seattle’s receivers won’t have to worry about being labeled as pedestrian again, and the overall offense won’t be overlooked this time around either.