Seattle Mariners Trade Rumors: The Return of Ichiro?


The Seattle Mariners are playing very well right now, so you have to wonder about the waiver trade deadline on August 31. Do the Mariners need any additional pieces?

Do you want to hear a crazy scenario? Here it is…the return of Ichiro Suzuki.

An interesting story? Absolutely. An upgrade for the lineup? Not necessarily.

Had the Mariners not acquired Austin Jackson and Chris Denorfia, this might be more intriguing. Ichiro has a .277/.326/.324 slash this season, with a 0.9 WAR. Not great, but certainly better than some of the hitters in the Seattle lineup.

Of course, the Mariner did get Jackson and Denorfia, and the addition of Ichiro would make for a crowded outfield, particularly if Michael Saunders returns. Still, Ichiro was put on waivers by the Bronx Bombers.

Now, the article that suggested this possibility did have this quote:

"Although it is unlikely to happen, Suzuki back to the Mariners might be the best story either ball club ends up with when it’s all done this season. It doesn’t look like either club will catch their division rivals, but they could both gain from this trade in the long run."

Yes, it is unlikely to happen. Not out of the realm of possibility, but still unlikely. Whether it would help both teams is debatable. It might be better to pick up a better-hitting first baseman than an aging outfielder.

The Mariners can’t be making moves because of sentimental attachments. This team is in the playoff hunt, and every roster spot is crucial right now.

Seattle had some good memories with Ichiro, going all the way back to that legendary season in 2001. At Lou Pinella’s Hall of Fame induction, Ichiro had some nice (and funny) things to say via recorded video.

That said, memories are sometimes best left in their particular era. Working out a trade with the New York Yankees is not advisable at this time.