Criticize Eddie Johnson And He’ll Retweet Mean Things


As reported by Sports Illustrated, Brian Ching and Eddie Johnson had a spat. It started when Ching commented on Johnson’s work ethic. “He’s one of those guys that every time he’s getting close to playing for a contract or proving himself, he goes out and he does his work, and you’re like ‘Wow OK,’ but once he gets that contract or DP status, he tends to disappear a little bit.”

“…once he gets that contract or DP status, he tends to disappear a little bit.”-Brian Ching

Ouch Brian. You’ve messed with the wrong dude. Johnson sent out tweets reminding us that he has more international goals than Ching, saying it was good to know Ching was jealous, and that Ching “be hating.” These tweets are in Sports Illustrated’s piece. But there’s more!

Retweeting is the new passive agressive. Johnson threw these retweets up, clearly not to call Ching names, but…you know…well…it’s just a retweet.

Ching delivered a low blow, but getting wound up makes it look like he hit a nerve. Remember the Columbus Crew game last year when Johnson was a Seattle Sounder? After Johnson’s first-half goal, he ran around the stadium making the show-me-the-money sign. His message? He wanted more money. He showed us a different side of himself that day and lost a lot of fans in Seattle.

But I read somewhere about forgiveness. Where was that? Oh yeah! On Eddie Johnson’s Twitter page.

Anyway, Eddie’s got things Ching doesn’t have: Luis Vuitton and no worries. Way to go Eddie!