Washington Huskies Are Going to the Sun Bowl in 2014


Would you like to know a little bit about the future? Apparently the Washington Huskies football team will be representing the Pac-12 in the 2014-15 bowl season. Their destination? Wait for it…

The Sun Bowl! (And there was thunderous applause) At least, that is according to one list.

Ah, predictions. Aren’t they fun? We want so badly to know what will happen down the road that we make lists containing all sorts of possibilities.

What does this prediction tell us? Not a lot. In general terms, projecting the Huskies to be in the Sun Bowl is a way to suggest that the Dawgs will be good, and perhaps very good.

But, not great.

In a broader sense, one has to wonder if this is the destiny of the Huskies going forward. Should the fans expect, at best, to make a second or third-tier bowl every year? Will the Huskies continue to hit a win ceiling at 8-4 or 9-3?

Dare we to hope that the Huskies will someday be in contention for a national championship like the good old days? Is anyone else sick of the SEC? Hmmm…too many hands out there to count.

Probably too many questions for now. At the moment, we can return to this singular prediction. In all fairness, it isn’t a crazy outcome to consider.

Chris Petersen will be in his first year as coach, and we will see whether he can translate some of his Boise State magic to Washington. The team will miss Keith Price and Bishop Sankey, but Cyler Miles appears to have the skills to be a winning quarterback if he can stay out of trouble.

Danny Shelton was named as a Sporting News preseason All-American. Shaq Thompson has all the makings of a star.

In other words, there is reason for optimism. Not crazy optimism, but based on personnel it should be a good year for Washington.

The Huskies have a new look and a new coach. Will they have a more spectacular finish than the Sun Bowl? We shall see.