Seattle Mariners News: Finally August Means Something


The Seattle Mariners are relevant, and it is the month of August. Who knew?

Certainly the M’s are not assured of earning a playoff spot, as they still have 49 games to destroy their season. However, this is a team that can make the postseason. Really, they can.

It is possible that Mariners fans have forgotten what this feels like. The Mariners have been a disappointing franchise for several years now, and the glory days of 1995 and 2001 are for many a distant memory.

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Add to that the recent success of the Seattle Seahawks, and it is no wonder that Mariners fans are probably hesitant to get excited. After all, the Mariners may be in contention but the Seahawks are Super Bowl champions.

A hard act to follow.

The truth is that the Mariners are a squad that could do some damage in the playoffs. Yes, the offense still doesn’t really scare anyone, but that starting rotation could be deadly in a short series.

In recent years, the month of August was a time to focus on Seahawks training camp and the Washington Huskies football team. This year, fans should keep an eye on the Mariners.

Felix Hernandez is one of the best pitchers in baseball, if not the best. Robinson Cano is the first legitimate star hitter that the Mariners have had in several seasons. Plus, Fernando Rodney shoots imaginary arrows into the air when he converts a save. What could be better?

So, follow Seahawks training camp. Check out the September schedule for the Huskies. But, also get out to Safeco Field and cheer on the Mariners. Who knows? You just might see them in the playoffs this year.