Seahawks vs. Broncos Preseason Preview: The Final Insult


Hi there, remember us? We’re the Seattle Seahawks. If you recall, we destroyed you on international television last February. Ring a bell?

Welcome to the 2014 season! For Seahawks fans, it is a year to celebrate. Yes, the last Super Bowl has long been forgotten by many football fans, but the Pacific Northwest is going to enjoy this.

It would obviously be fantastic to win another title, and chances are the fans are going to be frustrated when the ‘Hawks lose this season. However, that first Lombardi Trophy will always be there.

Let the title defense begin.

Speaking of beginnings, this has to be tough for fans of the Denver Broncos. Your team gets hammered in the Super Bowl and then who shows up at your house to start the season? The Seahawks.

Even if the Broncos beat the Seahawks in Denver, it isn’t exactly revenge. After all, wins and losses in the NFL preseason are largely meaningless.

Now, this is not intended to be an article of gloating. Seattle fans know what it is like to lose and be extremely frustrated by those losses. The 1993-94 Seattle SuperSonics. The 2001 Seattle Mariners. Super Bowl XL.

It is just an observation. In fact, you have to feel a little bit bad for Denver fans. You want to put bad memories behind you, but who does the NFL schedule for the first game on your home turf?

Those guys.

Again, this will hardly be a clash of football titans. If starters play, it will be brief. This game will be determined by players that are just trying to make the team.

It is good to have football going again, particularly for Seahawks fans. Despite the talent and depth, it will still be a hefty challenge for the ‘Hawks to repeat.

Should be fun. Enjoy the first game.