Seattle Mariners News: No More Lollygagging On Offense (Video)


The Seattle Mariners need a spark, and quickly. Time is running out.

Admittedly, the Mariners are not exactly in a deep hole from a numerical standpoint. With 51 games to go, the up-and-down Mariners are only two games behind the Toronto Blue Jays for the second Wild Card spot.

The Mariners do have to climb over the New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals, but two games is hardly an insurmountable deficit. A few wins, and the Mariners could be back in the drivers seat.

Unfortunately, the Mariners have not been playing particularly inspiring baseball of late. The pitching has continued to be great, but the offense has been very flat. The Mariners need something to change.

Seattle is 29th in the league with a .297 on-base percentage. The M’s did score six runs in the middle game of the three-game series with the Baltimore Orioles, but in the other two games they totalled one run.

Admittedly, I have used this video clip before in an article with a similar theme. However, it seems an appropriate time to break it out again. Unless the Mariners get inspired and start putting together wins, they will be the best-pitching team to not make the playoffs.

Without further ado, hide the children (due to a bit of adult content) and enjoy:

Now, the Mariners are much better than 8-16, but the offense is still lollygagging a bit. Time to get rolling. The season may depend on it.