Seattle Mariners News: Is 2014 Season Slipping Away?


The Seattle Mariners need to get rolling, and quickly. Soon we will reach an inevitable conclusion about the 2014 season.

In the end, math wins.

What that means is that the numbers are starting to work against the Mariners. The M’s are still very much in the Wild Card race, but every loss puts them a little deeper into a hole.

At some point, this team will not have a rope long enough to climb out.

It is a little early to declare the season lost, but optimism about the month of August is a bit lacking. The Mariners just aren’t hitting, pure and simple.

Pitching? Still great. You could put this rotation and bullpen up against the best in the league. If it was just about pitching, the Mariners would still have a playoff spot.

The problem is the offense, which has been an issue for several years now. Robinson Cano has been great and Kyle Seager is having a very nice year. Unfortunately, there are a lot of holes.

A lot of holes.

Sure, the Mariners made some deals at the deadline. Austin Jackson was a nice pickup, and maybe Chris Denorfia can provide a little veteran leadership. However, there are other players that will still need to do their part on a more consistent basis.

Ultimately, the Mariners just need to hit. You can analyze their strategy all you want, but this is still a simple game. You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball.

Shuffling the lineup can help a bit, but in the end the game of baseball is a very individual game. Unless you are bunting, your job is to walk to the plate and get on base.

Pretty simple.

Time is running out, Mariners. What’s it going to be? An adequate season of slightly better than .500 baseball? Or a (gasp) return to the playoffs for the first time in a lot of years?

Don’t look to the waiver wire for any additional help. The Mariners need to start hitting, or think about booking some early tee times.