Richard Sherman vs. Patrick Peterson: Silliness Continues


Who is a better cornerback? Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks? Or Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals?

Hmmm…let me think about how much time I have spent pondering that particular football quandary. Let’s see…that would be…not at all.

This feud, if you can actually call it that, is becoming very tiresome. It is obviously a bit presumptuous for me to make this suggestion since I do not have this kind of influence over the planet, but can this be the last article about these two?

The latest fuel to this fire is Peterson’s contract extension. Apparently, Cardinals management went out of their way to pay Peterson more than Sherman, because they wanted Peterson to be able to one-up Sherman on Twitter.

Right. Because paying Peterson more than Sherman will lead directly to a Super Bowl win. Sure it will.

Who is better? Argue all you want, but this puzzle can’t be truly solved. Even if Peterson is better because he can return punts, is an allegedly “true” shutdown corner and isn’t the product of a “system,” does that really matter?

Sherman has a ring and he might have played a small role in that accomplishment. Isn’t that the goal? Just sayin’.

Look, I get it. These comparisons are part of sports and they can be fun. Compare stats, break down game film and speculate on how each player would do on a different team.

In the end, Peterson is making more dough. On that we can agree. In addition, maybe he is a better corner than Sherman. If that makes you feel better, good for you.

This “feud” has been semi-entertaining, but it is time to move on. Let’s play some football.