Seattle Seahawks News: Anthony McCoy Faces Another Major Setback


Tight end Anthony McCoy appears to have injured his Achilles tendon during drills in Seattle’s training camp.  He missed last season due to the same injury on the opposite leg.  The severity of the injury has yet to be confirmed, but as of right now, it’s not looking good for McCoy.  “If it is what they think it is, it’s just a real heart breaker,” coach Pete Carroll told reporters when asked of McCoys’ status.

McCoy played for Pete Carroll during his time at USC, and was later drafted by Seattle during the sixth round in 2010.  He didn’t see much playing time, but began to develop nicely into a promising TE.  Then in 2012 he suffered his first Achilles tear, forcing him to be sidelined for the year.  It appears as though he will be missing his 2014 campaign as well.

Major and minor injuries are simply a part of the game during training camp.  There are ways to minimize them, but it’s impossible to completely avoid them.  Unfortunately for Anthony McCoy, it’s obvious that two missed seasons in a row will bring his durability into question, and “injury prone” is a tough label to shake in the NFL.  Down the road, should Seattle not renew his contract, it will be tough for McCoy to convince a GM that he is worth a contract with such a spotty medical history.

If his injury is indeed a season-ending one, the best thing he can do for himself is to remain as optimistic as possible and rehab his leg.  It’s a simplistic and obvious statement, but it’s the truth.  The players that do bounce back from situations like these are the ones who manage to keep a positive attitude moving forward.  Hopefully he is able to get back in the weight room and onto the field sooner rather than later, but for now all anyone can do is simply wish him the best.