Seattle Seahawks Training Camp: Boys and Girls, IT’S TIME!!!


The VMAC is alive again…and isn’t it great? The pulse of Renton is now beating again…and isn’t it great? The Seattle Seahawks are getting ready to defend the Lombardi trophy….and isn’t it great?!

The Seahawks saga never seems to take a hiatus, and this off-season was no different. From the post Super Bowl exhilaration, to the post Super Bowl blues, to the draft, to OTAs and now training camp, many questions have creeped to the top. The story lines practically write themselves. Pick a position and you will have a question that needs to be answered. These decisions are important, yes, but are they critical? No.

Most of Seattle’s most important questions have solid answers. There are definitely nice sub-plots that are interesting. Namely, who will win the position of right guard? Who will be the sixth receiver? Will they keep six receivers? Will Beast Mode be caged?

Yesterday players officially gathered together without limitation and restriction. So let it be known that the selection process has started and everybody has a fair shot at earning a roster spot. Some are guaranteed…but many are not.

Think of the hope that the field contains right at this moment. Hope is a curious feeling. There are no guarantees but faith spurs the person on to unbelievable action. I can’t wait to see what kind of fruit the tree of hope brings to the Seahawks…excuse me…our Seahawks.

So if you have sensitive hearing put in your ear plugs because the VMAC’s speakers are blaring upbeat music, coaches are calling out directions and veteran players are running their mouths. And it’s great! All of this noise makes me think that the Super Bowl hangover has worn off a bit too soon. Oh, what the heck, lets do it again. Go Hawks!