Seattle Mariners Trade Rumors: Who Should the Team Acquire?


The Seattle Mariners will need to make a decision soon, assuming there are teams out there that want to deal. We have heard a number of rumors over the last few weeks. Some are clearly more exciting than others.

There are obviously different schools of thought on the rumors. If we are talking about talent alone, David Price is the clear choice from the list of players that have been discussed.

However, some fans are going to be nervous about acquiring Price because it would most likely cost high-value prospects. In addition, starting pitching is not the greatest need for the Mariners. Seattle needs bats more than they need additional arms.

There are multiple challenges with the players on the list. The Tampa Bay Rays may be hesitant to deal if they feel like they can still make a run at the playoffs. When it comes to the hitters, there are different concerns such as age, contract situation and general ability to make a noticeable impact on the Seattle lineup.

Therefore, answer this poll but keep in mind that it is asking who the Mariners should acquire. It is not asking which is the best player.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and enjoy the last few days of the rumor mill.