Seattle Mariners Trade Rumors: David Price Doesn’t Address Offensive Needs


The idea of David Price joining a Seattle Mariners rotation that already includes Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma is pretty exciting. This is why some fans can accept the idea of letting Taijuan Walker go to the Tampa Bay Rays.

There is one small problem. Price won’t help the batting order.

Pitching is crucial in Major League Baseball, and pitching prospects are the currency of trades. However, teams still need to hit in the postseason.

Some might suggest that such a formidable rotation could overcome the inability to score runs. Sort of like King Felix can win even when he only gives up 1-2 runs in a start?

That doesn’t always work out, does it? In his last loss on June 13, Hernandez gave up one run. One.

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If the Mariners roll the dice, pull the trigger, and cash in all their chips on David Price, that will be an interesting move. However, it won’t add more baserunners.

The offense is better this year, and the presence of Robinson Cano has been felt. Kyle Seager has been a great wingman and James Jones has been a nice surprise. Unfortunately, the Mariners still have Michael Saunders on the DL. In addition, Justin Smoak, Mike Zunino and Brad Miller are all hitting right around the Mendoza Line. Dustin Ackley is, well, Dustin Ackley.

This offense may not be good enough to make the playoffs.

Price would make the Mariners better in the short run, but it does not address their greatest need. If Ben Zobrist comes along in the trade, we are now talking about an offensive upgrade. However, the addition of Dayan Viciedo, Josh Willingham or Marlon Byrd will not necessarily cause a noticeable offensive boost.

As the trade deadline approaches, the Mariners may feel compelled to take a chance and trade for Price. That would be intruiging, but management cannot lose focus on the real challenge. This team needs some bats.