Seattle Mariners News: Last Chance for Stefen Romero


Okay, so maybe this isn’t the last chance for Stefen Romero to prove that he should be with the Seattle Mariners. However, if he doesn’t hit well this time, he may not receive many more opportunities.

How long Romero stays this time is anyone’s guess. Maybe he stays for the rest of the season. Perhaps he stays long enough for the Mariners to trade for a more serious bat. Romero’s performance will dictate his future, as it always does.

The reality is that Jack Zduriencik would probably prefer to avoid a trade. After all, what general manager doesn’t want his young, cheap, club-controlled prospects to get promoted and turn into productive players? If Romero gets hot, Zduriencik might be able to avoid sending away pitching prospects for aging rentals.

Don’t hold your breath.

Unfortunately, Romero has not been a particularly impressive hitter at the big league level. When we last saw our young outfielder friend, he was hitting .196/.236/.324 and compiling a -0.9 WAR in 51 games. Not exactly can’t-miss prospect numbers.

Romero doesn’t necessarily have to contribute a ton of power, but in 148 at-bats he struck out 40 times and walked on just four occasions. Playing time is about on-base percentage, and that isn’t going to get it done.

While he was hanging out in Tacoma this last time, Romero hit .283 with three home runs and nine RBI in 11 games. Decent numbers, but still in the minors. What we can infer from this is that the Mariners don’t have a ton of hitting prospects at Triple-A that the club is particularly excited to promote.

We wish you the best, Mr. Romero. Hope you brought some hot bats with you to Safeco Field.