Seattle Seahawks are the Best Team of the Year


The Seattle Seahawks are the best team in all of sports, at least according to the ESPY Awards. Well, duh. The fine folks in Seattle already knew that, but it is nice of others to notice.

This is a notable award, and it allows the Seattle Seahawks to celebrate their Super Bowl victory one more time before the new season begins and the real work must be resumed. At the same time, you have to wonder what it really means in the grand scheme of sports.

Are the Seahawks more deserving of this award than the San Antonio Spurs or Los Angeles Kings? How do you measure the “best” team of the year when you are talking about multiple sports?

There is obviously a media angle to this award, and the Seahawks were a great story despite being in the Pacific Northwest. Traditionally, the Emerald City has not exactly been an area that is covered as much by the east coast media, so it is nice for the ‘Hawks and players like Richard Sherman to get some recognition.

It is about time. Now is a great opportunity for longtime Seattle sports fans to savor the experience of being at the top.

Is this award about athletic accomplishment or media narrative? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter because the Seahawks got to take home some additional hardware. Good for them. A well-deserved award.

Training camp will begin soon, and the accomplishments of last year will quickly be forgotten by the rest of the football world. It will soon be time for the Seahawks to begin the defense of their title, but for now they are the best. The Seahawks have an award to prove it.