NBA Free Agency an Insult to Seattle SuperSonics Fans


NBA free agency is an ongoing story for basketball fans. Granted, it is much more compelling for fans who actually have a team in their respective cities. For Seattle SuperSonics fans, this time period is an ongoing insult.

LeBron James is going home and signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Boring.

Carmelo Anthony is returning to the New York Knicks. Big yawn.

Chris Bosh will attempt to keep the Miami Heat relevant. Snooze alert.

Various other trades and signings have occurred. None are particularly compelling.

Does this sound a little bitter? It is, and unapologetically. Fans from other cities may suggest that SuperSonics fans should accept defeat and just move on.


The ongoing truth is that the NBA should be ashamed of how they have treated fans in the Emerald City. David Stern let Clay Bennett straight-up steal the team. Then, the vindictive commissioner thwarted Chris Hansen’s attempt to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle in what would have been a far better business move for the league. Finally, the league set up a deal to sell the Los Angeles Clippers to Steve Ballmer, even though they knew Ballmer was originally interested in bringing the Sonics back.


Adam Silver needs to put a team in Seattle, and immediately. That is the right thing to do, not that I expect the Association to do the right thing.

Here’s an idea for the commissioner. Expand the league by two teams. Let Hansen have the SuperSonics back, but at a discounted price. If the NBA wants to charge a ridiculous expansion fee, have Clay Bennett kick in a couple hundred million dollars of the cost.

Then, tear up the agreement between Ballmer and the Clips. That is setting up to be a huge legal mess anyway, and it may be better to let Ballmer start fresh in another city. He has the money to build a new arena in just about any city.

The Clippers used to be in San Diego. Why not let Ballmer go there? That is close to Los Angeles anyway.

Fix this, NBA. SuperSonics fans need something to get excited about in free agency.