Seattle Mariners Well-Represented At 2014 All-Star Game


The Seattle Mariners will have four players at the 2014 All-Star game. That is definitely something to celebrate.

Admittedly, the All-Star game is still just an exhibition. In the big picture of the baseball season, representation is largely symbolic. And yet, it does mean something.

The fact that Felix Hernandez, Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager and Fernando Rodney will represent the Mariners in this game says something about how this season is going for Seattle. There are plenty of situations where players do not deserve to be in the game, as the fans have the ability to vote for individuals that are not always having great seasons.

For these four Mariners, this is not the case. All four of these players are deserving of their spots and it will be fun to watch them play if they all get into the game.

Multiple Mariners in the All-Star game means that the team is heading in the right direction. The M’s will be represented by an ace, two talented hitters and a closer. A nice combination.

The Mariners may never again have eight players in the All-Star game as they did in 2001, but four is quite an accomplishment. This is particularly true given how the team has played in recent years.

Will these All-Star selections translate to wins in the second half? Perhaps not directly, but hopefully the prestige of these appearances will contribute to the confidence of this team. Maybe the presence of four All-Stars will add to the swagger of this team.

Enjoy the All-Star game, and root for your beloved Mariners!