Seattle Seahawks News: Richard Sherman Versus Andre Reed


Andre Reed does not believe that Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman could have covered him. So now we have old-time veterans trying to chip away at Sherman’s reputation.


Look, I get it. These theoretical discussions can be fun, particularly when you are sitting around with your boys, solving all the problems of the world while sitting in your garage.

Here’s the problem with these comparisons. There are no winners. None.

Do you know whether Sherman could have covered Reed? Neither do I. In fact, no one does.

How would you compare? Stats? Speed? Physicality? Good luck with that.

The game has changed. The rules have changed. The players have changed. End of story. The only way these two will ever line up is in Madden.

Was Andre Reed a great receiver? Yes. Is Richard Sherman a great corner? Yes. Congratulations, we agree on something.

Now, some are going to suggest that Reed just gave an honest answer to a question. Fair enough. However, it might have been better to say, “I don’t know.” I suppose that football players always have to maintain the swagger, even when their playing days are done. Like fish stories, the accomplishments on the field get more legendary as the years go by.

Some of this is about the media’s current fascination with Sherman. His every comment and action are being analyzed this summer, as he basks in the afterglow of the Super Bowl victory.

Sherman has been critiqued for playing in a “system,” and some believe that he benefits from a talented supporting cast. Of course he does…and? Just because his teammates are good does not mean that he is not.

Is he brash? Of course. Is he obnoxious? To some, probably. However, he also seems to be a pretty upstanding citizen. Which would you rather have when it comes to sports stars? A mild-mannered guy who can’t stay out of jail? Or a big-talking personality that actually contributes to his community?

How about we leave Mr. Sherman alone and let him get back to work. The season is coming soon…mercifully.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure Kenny Easley would have destroyed Michael Crabtree….sorry, got caught up in the moment.