Seattle Mariners News: Fernando Rodney Brings the Swagger


Fernando Rodney of the Seattle Mariners knows how to celebrate a save. Sure, his act is probably irritating to some opposing fans, but it is hard to argue that Rodney knows how to bring the swagger when closes a game for the Mariners.

In baseball, there are typically fewer theatrics than in football or basketball. If you show up a hitter after striking him out, your most talented teammate might get a ball in the back when he comes to the plate. The reverse is also true in that hitters that watch their balls sail over the wall might get some chin music in their next at-bat.

As you can see in this video, Rodney started displaying his usual post-save move while Nick Punto was trying to smash his batting helmet into a million pieces on home plate:

As a side note, you have to wonder whether the ump realized mid-toss that their wasn’t much point throwing Punto out after the conclusion of the game. In Punto’s defense, that pitch was just a bit high and inside. Oh well.

There is much work to be done if the Mariners are going to make the playoffs. As the season wears on the Mariners may need a little bit more of an edge, and a spark to keep them motivated. There has to be confidence in the clubhouse and a sense that when Rodney comes in, he is going to slam the door.

Here’s hoping that Rodney will have many more opportunities to show us his signature move.