Are Seattle Seahawks Looking To Trade For Andre Johnson?


Fantasy football and EA’s Madden are popular for a reason.  People love to dream about making their teams as flawless and powerful as possible.  So the news of Andre Johnson possibly being sought after via trade by the Seattle Seahawks should have ‘Hawks fans buzzing.

What are the odds this will happen?  In reality, probably not great.  But John Schneider has been known to go for home runs.  Percy Harvin and Marshawn Lynch are two prime examples of that.  This is one of those expect nothing but hope for something situations.

Just imagine Russell Wilson having a healthy Percy Harvin and Andre Johnson to throw at in 2014.  The addition of Johnson would surely thrust Seattle’s offense into another level.  Talk about a ridiculously scary receiving duo, and not to mention Doug Baldwin and the big-bodied Zach Miller running routes as well.

The receiver spot has been addressed this offseason, and the Seahawks really tackled it head on during the draft.  Would Pete Carroll put his rookies on ice for Johnson?  Who would Seattle offer in a trade? Surely some draft picks would be included as well, and how much of a salary hit would the team take?

These are all things to consider, which is why most analysts are saying a trade is unlikely.  But then again, they did mention it’s a possibility, so keep your eyes and ears open people.  The Lombardi Trophy may not be the only big addition in Seattle this year.