Seattle Mariners News: Team Lacking Offensive Punch


Last week, the Seattle Mariners outscored the Houston Astros 28-8, sweeping the three-game series. Good times.

In the last six games, the Mariners have scored a grand total of seven runs against the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins. Two wins, four losses.

Not quite as fun.

Every team goes through some offensive lulls during the season, but given the precarious playoff position of the Mariners, the team can’t afford for their struggles to last particularly long. The team lacks a spark right now.

It isn’t as if the Mariners are going hitless. In those six games, the Mariners have 47 hits. They outhit their opponents in four of those six games, and tied their opponent in one of the remaining two games.

The final insult was the latest 8-1 loss at the hands of the Twins. The Twins had nine hits. Meanwhile, the Mariners had…wait for it…12 hits!

Left on base: 12.

It would seem that the Mariners do not have a problem with hitting. They have a problem with timely hitting. As in, getting hits when guys are already on base. Call it lack of competitive drive or inability to perform under pressure.

Or, just call it mismatched hitting events.

Whatever is going on, the Mariners need to figure out how to hit better in the clutch. The hits are there, but in the wrong order.

At some point the Mariners will hopefully right the ship, but they had better figure it out soon. That one-and-a-half game Wild Card lead is not going to survive many more losses, and the Mariners have two big series coming up against the Oakland A’s and Los Angeles Angels.

Time to see some hits that actually happen in the same inning.