Seattle Seahawks News: Is the Future Mortgaged?


The Seattle Seahawks have tried their hand at drafting first-round picks and they have learned a hard lesson…they aren’t always the best judge of talent in that round. They aren’t bad, but just not the best. They seem to thrive in rounds four and beyond (with the exception of Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas and a few others). So it shouldn’t strike the Seahawk fan as odd that they have foregone the first-round pick the last two years in favor of something (or maybe I should say somebody) different.

As I was sitting thinking about the upcoming season (which I do often) I realized that the Seahawks weathered the storm in a sense. They mortgaged part of the future of this Seahawks team by trading their first and seventh-round draft picks in 2013 and third-round pick in 2014 for Percy Harvin. Through crafty decision-making the Seahawks drafted enough players in 2013 that many were able to redshirt and in a sense it feels like the Seahawks drafted them this year.

This year the Seahawks were left with a dearth of draft picks, so dropping out of the first round was definitely a possibility. And to whom should the Seahawks trade their first-round pick? The Vikings of course, the same Vikings that Seattle traded draft picks to last year for Harvin. This year the Seahawks garnered a second and fourth-round pick by dropping out of the first round.

So looking back at getting Percy Harvin and giving three draft picks for him (plus his money) does it seem worth it? If we are being honest I think the jury is still out depending on his durability. If he doesn’t get significantly hurt then the answer should be a resounding ‘yes’. He hardly played in 2013/14 and the Seahawks were still able to pull off a Super Bowl win.

And now, Seattle has given Minnesota the last of the draft choices and we are even-steven. Seattle now has Harvin locked up for the next five years and gets to enjoy the fruits of his talent and all of the multi-dimensional sets that come along with him.

Thinking about where Seattle sits gives us this: A Super Bowl win, several redshirt players from 2013, 18 new players added in 2014, an offense that looks to be upgraded, a defense that should be equal to its 2013 display and potentially 11 draft picks next year (including compensatory picks) to reload with fresh, young, and inexpensive talent. Life is good!

Was the future mortgaged? No, let’s just say Seattle took a calculated risk on an investment and it should mature sometime in the next year or so. Go Hawks!