Seattle Mariners Rumors: Alfonso Soriano to M’s?


The Seattle Mariners might need another bat if they are going to stay in contention for a playoff spot. According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Mariners may be a good fit for Alfonso Soriano. The New York Yankees just designated Soriano for assignment, basically because he can’t hit anymore.

So, let me get this straight…the Mariners should pick up a guy at the end of his career who can’t hit anymore? Seriously?

You know, sometimes you wonder if other cities recognize that the Mariners are an actual franchise in Major League Baseball. When people come up with these suggestions, it feels a little bit like the classic Life cereal commercial that I watched as a kid, without the skepticism of whether Mikey would try the new cereal:

How does this connect to the Mariners? To paraphrase, “Let’s get the Mariners! They’ll sign anyone!” After all, they aren’t a real baseball team or anything. Give them a broken-down, former Yankees star and they will jump at the chance to put that player in their lineup.

Last time I checked, the Mariners were having a better season than the Bronx Bombers. Just sayin’.

In general, signing Soriano sounds like a fairly terrible idea. Soriano is 38, and was designated for assignment after compiling a .221/.244/.367 slash line and a -1.5 WAR for the season.

Yeah, let’s go out and sign this guy. That would be great. He would almost certainly have a miraculous resurgence in Seattle and return to his 40-40 form of 2006 when he had a 5.9 WAR.

Sure he would. One hopes that Jack Zduriencik doesn’t give this idea a second thought…or even a first for that matter.