Washington State University Spending Big To Land Top Recruits


Washington State University is logistically at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to recruiting.  I remember going to games in Pullman as a kid during the Ryan Leaf era and thinking to myself, “Wow this place is amazing!”  Later, returning as an adult, that allure was gone.

Pullman is in the middle of Nowhere, Washington.  The weather is sporadic at best, and there is absolutely nothing that resembles a major city nearby.  Head north and you will eventually land in Spokane. Head west and you will find yourself in Seattle, the land of the in-state rival Washington Huskies.

How does a school like WSU compete for recruits with the likes of UW, UCLA or USC?  Athletic Director Bill Moos thinks he has the answer.

Mr. Moos was once the athletic director for the University Of Oregon, and he knows that in order to get top-of-the-line recruits, you have to have top-of-the-line facilities.  Finally, WSU is getting just that.  The brand new football operations building will cover 84,192 square feet, is four stories high, and costs $61 million dollars to construct.  It will be a multi-purpose building, housing everything football related on campus, including the team’s meals.

The purpose behind the construction of this new facility is to attract new recruits to the University.  No, the Cougs do not have Phil Knight and his Nike empire to help sway prospects like Oregon does, but the construction of the new building, along with the renovations being made to the stadium will certainly help make WSU more attractive.  It appears as though Bill Moos and Washington State are on the right track to finding a winning formula.