Seattle Mariners Trade Rumors: Dunn, Ramirez or Viciedo?


Ah, trade deadline rumors. So many possibilities for teams like the Seattle Mariners. So much intrigue, and yet so much smoke.

It was suggested a few days ago that the Mariners might chat with the Chicago White Sox about acquiring Adam Dunn, Alexei Ramirez or Dayan Viciedo. Just for fun, let us ponder those additions.

Adam Dunn

If the Mariners want more strikeouts in the lineup, then they should definitely look into acquiring Dunn. When it comes to swinging and missing, Dunn is a rare talent.  In 2012, Dunn had 110 hits and 222 strikeouts. Impressive. Sure, Dunn provides a level of power, but at 34 is his 0.5 WAR really an upgrade over anyone in the lineup?

Alexei Ramirez

Offensively, Ramirez is certainly a more balanced hitter with his slash line of .298/.329/.426 in 2014. He is a veteran presence and he provides some speed, but why would the Mariners add a shortshop? Brad Miller is still hitting .208 but would the M’s replace him now after giving him so much time to turn things around?

Dayan Viciedo

Finally, there is Viciedo, whose power numbers seem to be dropping since his 2012 breakout season when he hit 25 home runs. Viciedo has always been an intriguing talent in terms of raw power, but he has yet to put together a truly impressive season and his .245/.299/.403 slash line leaves something to be desired. Unfortunately, teams can sometimes become enamored with power and forget that certain guys have trouble getting on base.

Excited about any of these possibilities? Neither am I. In addition, what would the Mariners need to give up in order to get one of these bats in the lineup?

Granted, it is hard to feel good about Dustin Ackley and his .214 average patrolling left field or Justin Smoak and his painful .208/.282/.361 slash line at first. Therefore, the Mariners may feel compelled to make a trade, even if the upgrade is not particularly profound.

Stay tuned to the rumors. One of them might actually come true.