Life Is Good For Seattle Seahawks Fans Right Now


For Seattle Seahawks fans, life is good.

Super Bowl win? Check. Young, franchise quarterback? Check. Talented defense that is still young and hungry? Check. Popular, energetic coach? Check. Powerful fan base and definitive homefield advantage? Check, check and double-check.

Is it too selfish to suggest that Seattle deserves this? Maybe so, but I’m saying it without a lot of guilt.

If we are going to get into a sense of fairness, I suppose it is compassionate to suggest that every city should be able to enjoy and celebrate a team every so often. Now, it is Seattle’s turn.

Will the Seahawks be dominant forever? Obviously not. However, they are at the top of the NFL right now, and it is fun to enjoy the ride. Savor this time, fans. This is a special period to be a fan, and the faithful followers should do their best to enjoy the moments.

When the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, I told people that I wasn’t going to get greedy. I wanted at least one championship from my three favorite sports teams during my lifetime. The Seahawks and the Seattle SuperSonics have done their jobs. Now the Mariners just need to get rolling.

Who knows? The mighty M’s might get hot and surprise some people this year.

Does this mean that Seahawks fans should sit back and just watch the Super Bowl DVD over and over again while ignoring the current squad? Certainly not.

This team is built for continued success. There is no reason why this franchise can’t win another Super Bowl or two in the next few years. I won’t get greedy, but I won’t turn down another championship if it comes to fruition.

The parade is over. Seattle survived free agency, locked up some young stars and added some intriguing talent in the later rounds of the draft yet again. 2014 has the potential to be another exciting season. It is time to get back to work.

As we inch towards training camp, keep the big picture in mind. This is a great time to be a Seahawks fan, particularly if you have been with the team from the beginning. I still have my Jim Zorn poster from my youth, and this last season was a sweet reward for years of loyalty.

Enjoy the season, fans. These periods of dominance don’t happen every day.