Seattle Seahawks News: Is There Pressure to Win Another Super Bowl?


The Seattle Seahawks remain champions of the NFL sphere, and they will stay on that pedestal until the trophy is handed to someone else. If all goes well, it may be awhile until that happens.

Then again, this is the NFL. Fans will not be surprised if the ‘Hawks make their way back to the Super Bowl next year, but it also won’t be a shock if they get upended in the playoffs.

At least, it shouldn’t be.

The National Football League continues to be an extremely balanced and competitive league. Anyone that has watched football in recent years knows that the regular season is not necessarily an indication of how things will unfold in the playoffs.

A 9-7 team can get hot and win it all. In addition, it is extremely hard for teams to win back-to-back titles.

So, is there pressure on the Seahawks to repeat? I suppose, but pressure is kind of a funny word if you think about it.

The Seahawks have stars, but so do a lot of teams. Seattle has some big contracts, but that is also not an anomaly.

Richard Sherman recently stated that the Seahawks have been planning for multiple Super Bowl wins from the beginning. That certainly works in retrospect, but aren’t most teams trying to build a sustained winner?

You do get a vibe of confidence from the Seahawks, mixed with the enjoyment of knowing that they have the first ring under their belt. This is not to suggest that the team is going to slack off from this point forward, but it is certainly nice to finally win that first championship.

So, is there pressure on this team to win the Super Bowl again? I suppose on some level there is, but the realistic fan is going to realize that winning is hard no matter how much talent is on your roster.

Now, is there pressure to at least make the playoffs and get within striking distance of another Lombardi Trophy? Probably. If the ‘Hawks were to miss the playoffs or get easily handled in their first postseason game, the talk would quickly switch from “dynasty” to “window may be closing.”

Pressure? Sure. There was pressure last year, and the Seahawks handled it pretty well. Wouldn’t you agree?

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