Seattle Mariners Need Better Solution at First Base


If there was a position that the Seattle Mariners might think about upgrading at the trade deadline, at least from an offensive standpoint, it might be first base. Currently, the ESPN depth chart for first base lists Logan Morrison and Stefen Romero.

Unless I am mistaken, I do not believe Romero has played first base this season. I guess someone has to go there, right?

Justin Smoak will be back soon, and the Mariners can look forward to having his .208 batting average in the lineup. There is also the possibility that Corey Hart could play first, particularly since he has played one more game at that position than Stefen Romero has in 2014.

You got the impression out of spring training that Lloyd McClendon likes the Smoakamotive, but let’s be honest here. The offensive ceiling has probably been reached.

Now, do you give away the farm to upgrade first base with a rental? No.

However, you do think about trading a couple of mid-level prospects for a bat that can actually do some damage in the lineup. We’re not talking about a feast-or-famine guy who hits home runs but also racks up a lot of strikeouts.

We’re talking about someone who can get on base consistently. Someone who can hit in the .260 range instead of the .200 range. You know, a decent hitter. In other words, not Justin Smoak. Sorry sir, it is time to move on.

Will the Mariners make a deal? Or will McClendon stick with his guy? Maybe Logan Morrison and his 0.1 OWAR can be an effective hitter at first, but he has to prove that he can stay healthy and that he can produce a few more multi-hit games.

As the deadline approaches, the Mariners may want to think seriously about an upgrade at first. This may be the year to get a little bit more aggressive.

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