Seattle Seahawks News: Richard Sherman Boycotts Media, Deals with Fans


Fans, don’t go to Richard Sherman’s house. Okay?

Look, I know what some of you are thinking. You saw the address of Sherman’s new house in the paper, and you started thinking. You thought, “Hey, Sherm is a cool guy. I’ll bet if I stopped by he would welcome me in and we could rap about football and maybe play some video games.”

Here’s a different idea for you…stop thinking these types of thoughts and take a step back.

This is his house, people. His castle. His sanctuary. His cave. I enjoy it when people stop by, but usually those people are friends and family. It would be a little awkward if there was an ongoing crowd of strangers on my lawn.

Now, some of you might suggest that this goes with the territory of being a celebrity or professional athlete on a successful team like the Seattle Seahawks. Again, you would be wrong. You may go to the game and yell at Richard Sherman. You may engage him on his Twitter page. You may sit around with your friends and critique him when he makes a mistake on the field while at the same time agreeing that any one of you could have done better.

You may not go to his house and invite yourself in.

Now, this is a story because the newspaper published Sherman’s address and he is now boycotting the paper. I get that, but this information is public record. Anyone who wanted to do their own homework could have found the address on their own.

So, should Sherman be mad at the media (U Mad Bro?), or is he being unreasonable? Again, if the paper had published the fact that Sherman bought a house somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, eventually someone could have found it.

Eventually this behavior will subside, but in the meantime, Sherman may need to hire a rent-a-cop that can tell all visitors that Mr. Sherman can’t come out and play right now. Again, to the fans that are hanging out at Sherman’s house, go home. What I mean is, to your own homes.

By the way, Mr. Sherman, will you follow us on Twitter? I promise that we will never go to your house…unless you invite us.

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