For The Seahawks, No News Is Good News


This is the time of year where anything that happens with anyone involved in the NFL is a big story.  The players and coaches are literally doing nothing but enjoying their time off.  As hard as it is to accept this, the fact is for Seahawks fans, no news is good news.

Truthfully, the less you hear about the team right now, the better.  Remember last season when there was so much chatter about the injury status of Percy Harvin?  For the Cowboys, Josh Brent and his tragic DUI case filled the headlines, and don’t even get me started about the Aaron Hernandez fiasco in New England.  It was an incredibly messy off-season.

Sure, there are teams that currently have some off-season issues to handle.  The Saints, Texans, and Cowboys top my list of teams with problems that will carry over into the regular season, but the Seahawks have virtually nothing to worry about.  The latest “news” is that Michael Bennett left a puppy at a kennel in Florida.  Seriously, that is the news circling the team right now.

Be happy that these are the headlines circling Seattle. This is the time of year you need to get excited about being bored with football.  Fortunately, the World Cup is here to help fill the void.

Also, have you noticed that the Seattle Mariners are pretty good?