Keith Price Released By Seattle Seahawks


Well, nobody ever said the road to the NFL was an easy one.

Former University of Washington quarterback Keith Price was released by the Seattle Seahawks in order for the team to clear up room on the roster for two other signings they felt would better benefit the team.

The release came as a bit of a surprise after Price performed so well during his time in the rookie camp.  He had an incredibly impressive college career, and many scouts claimed that he could learn a lot from Russell Wilson because they had similar builds and playing styles.

So now that Price has been let go, the question is, what’s next for him? If there is any bright side to this for the young QB it’s that this is not a terrible time to be a rookie free agent.  Every team in the league is shuffling around their rosters, guys are getting injured or refusing to participate, players that coaches once thought highly of are being weeded out.

He could land with a team come August, but anything later than that and the odds of him making a team before the season starts are slim.

For now, it would be wise for Price to continue his workouts and stay committed to his game.  Other than that, all he can do is wait and see what’s around the bend for his football career.

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