Seattle Seahawks News: Possible Impact Players from 2013 Draft Class


The Seattle Seahawks have depth. That much is certain.

How much depth? Consider the 2013 NFL Draft class, which was regarded as a fairly solid crop of talent for the Seahawks.

Christine Michael has been in the news lately, simply because there are rumors that Marshawn Lynch might ask for a new contract. If that were to actually occur, Michael might suddenly be a key part of that draft.

Luke Willson and Anthony Bowie had the most playing time from the class, but there are others that some fans might have forgotten about.

Jordan Hill and Jesse Williams are young defensive tackles taken in the third and fifth round of that draft. Defense remains a focal point in Seattle, which is why players like Hill and Williams could quickly become part of the present and future.

Then there is a player like Tharold Simon, who was an intriguing athlete drafted out of LSU. He was selected in the fifth round, and could be yet another talented cornerback in an already dominating defense. Simon will face some stiff competition for a roster spot, but that is a good problem to have when you want to make another run at a Lombardi Trophy.


Will we see a big impact from any or all of these players in 2014? That remains to be seen. It does illustrate the importance of having multiple players at key positions. When players leave in free agency, others can step in and be ready to go.

The Seahawks keep drafting players that have the ability to strengthen an already talented team. Right now, life is good in Seattle and reinforcements are coming.

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