Is Marshawn Lynch Ready To Retire?


Marshawn Lynch always finds a way to make headlines.  Whether it’s his hard nosed, power running on the field, or his laughable interviews off the field, the media seems to love the guy.  The news surrounding him this time, however, is more than concerning for the Seattle Seahawks organization.

Earlier the story was of his holding out of OTA’s and possibly mini-camp, trying to leverage his way into a more lucrative contract.  Now, the news has gone from bad to worse.  Reports have surfaced from sources close to Lynch that the 28-year-old halfback might be considering retirement.

This would undoubtably be a significant blow to the Seahawks offense.  Since 2011, no other running back in the league has found the end zone more times than Lynch.  Unlike other NFL superstars, he has saved his money and is in no way tied to the league or in need of another pay day.  After winning the Super Bowl, one could argue that Lynch would be wise to preserve his body and walk away from the game that he plays with such a physical style.

The silver lining here is that the Seahawks have in reserve a freakishly talented young running back  in Christine Michael, who many analysts consider to be the next breakout star in the league.  We all know what Robert Turbin brings to the table as well.  So perhaps the run-heavy style would not be abandoned if Lynch did indeed hang up his jersey. But, Seattle would be losing a fan favorite, and a valuable weapon.

As a die-hard fan, I want to see Lynch in the Emerald City for at least two more seasons, but the realist in me understands that this game takes a toll on the human body. Besides the Hall of Fame, a Super Bowl victory is the apex of anyone’s career.

Marshawn Lynch is anything but predictable.  This could be a serious problem for the Seahawks, or just another ho-hum story that is only relevant during the summer.  With Lynch, you simply never know.

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