Should Seattle SuperSonics Fans Root for Donald Sterling Lawsuit?


The title might be throwing you off a bit. Stay with me. Here is how this plays out.

Steve Ballmer has purchased the Los Angeles Clippers from disgraced owner Donald Sterling for the bargain price of $2 billion. The NBA may have helped the transaction along, just a little bit.

Except that Sterling has now changed his mind. The deal is off, the team is not for sale and Sterling is taking the NBA and commissioner Adam Silver to court. Again.

The saga continues.

Let’s say a judge rules in favor of Sterling and decides that the National Basketball Association behaved badly. The judge further decides that the league cannot force Sterling to sell the team, and the franchise is returned to the vilified owner.

Meanwhile, Ballmer is now without a team…again. He refocuses his energy on returning a team to Seattle and figure out a way to resurrect the beloved SuperSonics.

Neat, right? Nice and tidy.

Now, is this scenario a bit farfetched? Clearly. However, it is not out of the realm of possibility, which puts Seattle fans into an interesting quandary.

Should SuperSonics fans root for Sterling to win in court?

Obviously it is hard for fans to support a guy like Sterling on any level. He hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the public.

Realistically, the NBA will likely win this fight and Ballmer will be the owner of the Clippers. Chris Hansen will need to find another source of cash and the fans will need to wait, probably a few more years.

Sonics fans can dream though, right?

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