Seattle Mariners Need Homefield Advantage at Safeco Field


The Seattle Mariners could use a homefield advantage at Safeco Field. Isn’t that the way this is supposed to work?

So far this season, the Mariners are 14-15 at home and 20-14 on the road. It’s great that  the Mariners are playing well in a hostile environment, but why can’t they do the same in the Emerald City?

Obviously, this is not a huge disparity. That doesn’t change the reality that we would expect the numbers to be reversed.

What’s the story? Does Safeco Field not have a friendly environment for our beloved Mariners? Are the small crowds a downer for the team? Is it possible that the team has a mental block about hitting in the supposedly cavernous park?

The Mariners are hitting .219 at home and .253 on the road. You can break down the numbers in a variety of different ways, but what is interesting is that the M’s have 26 home runs in Seattle and 23 dingers on the road. Keep in mind that the Mariners have played 29 games at home and 34 on the road.

Another disparity that should seemingly be reversed.

In the past, Safeco Field has been regarded as a “pitcher’s park” (whatever that means these days), so one would assume that hitting home runs would be harder. Does this mean that the Mariners are swinging for the fences to compensate for the spacious dimensions, rather than just putting the bat on the ball and hitting a nice, boring single?

Something is afoot at home, and the “home cooking” is apparently not leading to additional wins.

Perhaps the recent success that the Mariners have experienced in the road will start translating into wins at home.

Go M’s. Win at home.

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