Seattle Seahawks Dynasty: An Extremely Difficult Challenge


We tend to use the “d” word in sports when any team wins a championship.

The “d” word? That would be “dynasty.”

Some would suggest that talk of a dynasty is a bit premature, given that the Seahawks have only won one Lombardi trophy. Those individuals would probably be right. If the Seahawks are able to win a second title in a row, the dynasty talk might be a bit more appropriate.

Still, it is an intriguing idea. Fans of the Seahawks aren’t going to get greedy given that the franchise just won their first title. However, this roster still has an exciting level of talent. Despite some offseason losses in terms of personnel, the core players remain and there is no reason that the ‘Hawks can’t repeat.

Now, what makes for a dynasty? There is no exact definition, but just for the sake of argument let us suggest a team that wins at least three titles in 3-5 years might be considered a reasonable dynasty.

In today’s NFL, there may never again be an extended dynasty, where a team is able to dominate for 8-10 years. The salary cap just won’t allow that sort of sustained winning.

Could the Seahawks win 3-4 titles in the next five years? Sure. However, it won’t be easy.

Everything looks pretty good right now. Russell Wilson is young, Percy Harvin feels good and the franchise locked up Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. Michael Bennett will be back, and there are high hopes that the new crop of rookies will continue to make Pete Carroll and John Schneider look like drafting geniuses.

Still, there will be issues. Marshawn Lynch will eventually hit a wall that he cannot run through. The ‘Hawks will lose some close games, and it is entirely possible that Colin Kaepernick could eventually fool Sherman and find Michael Crabtree for a game-winning touchdown in the NFC championship game.

Harvin may get hurt again. Bennett might not be as effective. Other stars could get injured.

After this year, the Seahawks may need to make some tough decisions about certain contracts, including Harvin, Russell Okung and Wilson. At some point the Sherman and Thomas contracts will be a financial challenge.

Effective drafting and savvy cap management never stops in the NFL, which is why winning over a period of several years can be extremely difficult. That said, can the Seahawks keep this rolling? Could they actually win a couple more Super Bowls?

The answer is “yes.” Seattle could be on the front end of a dynasty. The road to another title has already begun.

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