Seattle Seahawks News: Hoping for a Healthy Percy Harvin


Percy Harvin of the Seattle Seahawks is feeling good. At least, that is according to reports, but wouldn’t you expect him to say that?

It is arguably safe to suggest that fans do not bear any ill will against Harvin, even though he hardly played in 2013. Plenty of individuals are going to be forgiven when your team wins the Super Bowl, and Harvin did contribute one of the more electric plays of that win against the Denver Broncos.

The 2014 season may come with higher expectations, simply because Harvin is getting paid some serious cash and someone will need to compensate for Golden Tate‘s production. Based on talent, production may not be the problem.

Realistically, the question is still whether Harvin can stay healthy.

Prior to 2012, Harvin was a fairly durable player, missing only three games in three years. Unfortunately, Harvin played in nine games in 2012, and only one game in 2013. If he is going to be an impact player for the Seahawks, he will need to stay on the field in 2014.

As long as the Seahawks were winning last season, fans were patient because they saw Harvin as an added bonus to an already productive offense. With Tate’s departure and Sidney Rice‘s ongoing health questions, Harvin is no longer a bonus weapon. Now he has to be a regular part of Russell Wilson‘s arsenal.

Harvin says that he hasn’t felt this good since college, and for now we will just have to take his word for it. Until Harvin takes the field (and stays on the field), we will just have to wait and see.

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