Seattle SuperSonics Fan: Celebrating When the OKC Thunder Lose


As a known fan of the Seattle SuperSonics, I am often asked if I am rooting for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Um, no.

Truthfully, I don’t hate anyone. Hate is a very strong word and it should not be used lightly in a world that is already filled with a lot of anger. That said, there are certain teams that are not my favorites.

The New York Yankees. The University of Miami football team. And…the Oklahoma City Thunder.

When the Thunder are jettisoned from the NBA playoffs, I can’t help but be happy with that particular outcome. Why the minor animosity? Simple. The SuperSonics were taken by a thief, and now the spirit of the team must remain in the hearts of the fans who wait patiently for the franchise to return.

Meanwhile, the Thunder do exist, and they are a great basketball team. Do I want them to succeed? No.

Now, I am sure there are many nice folks in the greater Oklahoma City area who just want their basketball team to succeed. Good for them. In addition, I respect the talent of players like Kevin Durant. He is an amazing player and seems like a good guy.

It is more about the ownership. Clay Bennett. Aubrey McClendon. Those guys don’t deserve to win. Ever.

Do I lose any sleep over the prospect of the Thunder eventually winning? No. There are much bigger issues to worry about in this world. Sports is a lot of fun, but it is not worth real stress. If the Thunder eventually win a title, they win a title.

Of course, if the Thunder do eventually win their first title, some networks might suggest that it is their second title. They would be wrong. The 1978-79 title belongs to the SuperSonics, and the SuperSonics alone.

If and when the SuperSonics return to the NBA, perhaps the animosity will lessen a bit. Until that happens, fans are left to have a small celebration when a team like the San Antonio Spurs is able to take care of business and send the Thunder home.

I would wish the Thunder success next season but that wouldn’t exactly be genuine, now would it?

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