Damore’ea Stringfellow: From Husky To Husker


The Washington Huskies have lost yet another talented athlete during a year where they have seen their roster downsized in areas they seriously need upgrades.  This time it is at wide receiver.  Damore’ea Stringfellow will be transferring from the UW to Nebraska to join the Cornhuskers.  Stringfellow was a solid part of the Huskies’ offense in 2013, catching 20 passes for 259 yards and a touchdown last year.

The coaching staff at Washington will have their work cut out for them filling the gaps left by the departure of Bishop Sankey, Keith Price, and now Stringfellow.  This is what makes it so difficult for a college football program to get to elite status and then remain there.  You can never seriously count on a player being there for four years.

Things change literally overnight more often than any coach likes to think about. It isn’t as if the coaches can go out and sign a free-agent wide receiver to fill the gap.

Recruiting could prove to be difficult for a little while. Washington’s rivals in Pullman have recently renovated their football facilities, making Washington State University more attractive to high school graduates than what it was before.

It’s always good to remain optimistic, but this could be a very tough year for the Huskies. Washington cannot afford to lose any additional players.

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