Seattle Seahawks Start OTAs Feeling Confident about Future


You just get a sense that the Seattle Seahawks are feeling pretty good about their prospects of winning in 2014. After all, why shouldn’t they? The ‘Hawks are the reigning Super Bowl champs and life is pretty good right now.

This is not to suggest that the Seahawks can just sit back and relax. The thing about winning is that it is fun, and can be very contagious. Seattle will want to remain on top, which means that the team will have to work even harder in 2014.

The schedule will be tough, and the competition will be fierce. However, this team battled through last season and silenced all the doubters. There will be some pressure to win again, but the Seahawks were already able to prove last year that this squad was (and is) a champion.

How many questions and doubts would there be right if Richard Sherman doesn’t tip that pass in the NFC Championship game?

Certainly there are going to be questions. To start with, as Mitch Quesada of 12th Man Rising wisely pondered, is Earl Thomas returning punts really a good idea?

Also, will Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice stay healthy? Could we begin to see the decline of Marshawn Lynch?

Can the Legion of Boom repeat their dominating performance of 2013, or will teams start to figure out how to defeat the mighty Seahawks?

So many questions, and many of them will not be answered until September. Now is the time for new faces, altered roles and a bit of experimentation.

The Seahawks are undoubtedly going to work hard, but there has to be a spirit of fun and confidence after hoisting that trophy in New York. OTAs will be a time of remembering the good times of 2013, while at the same time looking forward to creating some new memories in the upcoming season.

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